Vail Valley 2019 Year End Market Report

February 1, 2020
We are seeing the balancing of the real estate market in Eagle County. Although inventory is low, prices are holding steady with little if any increases over the last several months. Interest rates remain very low, giving buyers an opportunity to invest in our market. Sales data is readily available to Buyers which means they are unlikely to over-pay for a property. In some segments of the market, typically under $700,000, many properties have lasted only days on the market, while in the above $1.5M price point, properties have been sitting for around 90 days, on average. In the upper tiers of pricing (above $2.5M), average days on market is 6 months. Overall, the market is not on “fire” as some have described it. It is balanced in favor of parties that are willing to negotiate a compromise that works for both buyer and seller. We are not seeing one party “win” over another. Below is the link to the 2019 Year End Vail Valley Market Report:

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