Born in Chicago and raised in the Vail Valley since she was 3-years old, Breanna was given the best of both worlds. She acquired a love for the outdoors growing up in the mountains, while also experiencing the fast-paced life the city offers, as she continued to visit Chicago for family reunions each year. Being a local of the Vail Valley for over 20 years, has helped Breanna create a strong network, as well as become an expert on everything the Vail Valley has to offer. During college, she began working in and learning the family business, leasing residential real estate in Downtown Chicago for several summers. Coming from a family who has been involved in real estate for several generations, there is no surprise that Breanna also decided to choose a career in an industry she is so passionate about. After graduating from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Breanna returned to the Vail Valley and began working at 4 Eagle Ranch, a non-profit organization, which supports veterans nation wide, seniors around the valley, local schools and much more. Breanna continues to stay involved at 4 Eagle Ranch, working community and corporate events, and hopes to serve on the 4 Eagle Ranch Board in the coming years. Breanna’s main interests have stemmed from her love for the outdoors. She enjoys skiing and snowboarding, hiking, camping, various water sports, and an immense love for traveling and experiencing the different cultures globally, as well as nation wide.